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What will you be remembered for?

Practice generosity, bravery, justice and other qualities with
Virtue Programs today!

flexed muscle for bravery, courage
scales symbolizing justice
heart symbolizing generosity
treasure map symbolizing adventure
lightbulb with gear symbolizing creativity
trees symbolizing environmentalism, tranquility
book with halo symbolizing enlightenment and philosophy

Fueled by philosophers like Aristotle & Andre Comte-Sponville

Choose your own adventure with levels in Bravery, Generosity, Justice & more

hill with shield, sword and flag symbolizing choose your own adventure
tidal wave symbolizing increasing difficulty

Ascend increasingly more difficult virtue levels

Join communities of users pursuing the same virtues as you

word bubbles symbolizing comments on essays

New virtue programs added frequently

world symbolizing user connectivity

Browse & comment on essays relating to virtues and programs

stars symoblizing new virtue programs

Become an action hero

laurels symbolizing accomplishment


"Biceps" icon made by Mayor Icons from

"Notebook" icon made by Abassi from

"Balance," "Heart", "Nature", "Sea", "Comment", "Laurel", "Adventure-Game",

"Stars", "Maze" icons made by Freepik from 

"Treasure Map" icon made by dDara from

"Idea" icon made by Good Ware from

"Community" icon made by wanicon from

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